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You shall not need a surgery anymore in order to get rid of the persistent fatty accumulations, which are insusceptible to sport and diets. We present you the worthy substitute of the liposuction – Cryolipolysis! A revolutionary technology, which attacks the fats in the problematic zones and reduces them with centimeters at once  – Painless and super effectively!

The cryolipolysis is determined as bloodless, “cold“ liposuction or a different way to sculpture your body without needles, anaesthesia and painkillers. 

The Spanish apparatus COOLTECH of COCОON medical company permanently decreases the capability of the organism to store fats in certain zones through a unique cold processing.

We eliminate subcutaneous fats without hurting the skin, muscles and other tissues through this gentle, noninvasive method with cooling. The apparatus transforms the fats in free fatty acids at the selected areas through cooling up to -8 degrees.

There is an opportunity to shape your body completely by cryolipolysis. The method influences the abdominal area, love handles, internal and external part of the thighs, breech parts, hands and double chin successfully.

How shall the procedure pass?

Our specialist shall meet you and carry out a personal consultation and analysis of your health condition, you shall discuss your goal, the way for action and eventual uneasiness, shall measure the fatty accumulations density of the zone selected by you and she/he shall create your personal Patient’s file, individual schedule and price package.

The procedure shall be carried out in flatways, the preparation includes the putting of cryo gel and a membrane, which shall protect your skin completely. The work is done through a special applicator, which sucks the fatty tissues through vacuum. The treated area is cooled up to – 8 degrees Centigrade for around 2-3 minutes, and the very procedure continues 70 minutes. The purpose of the cooling is to achieve crystallization of at least 30% of the fatty cells in this zone at first procedure through the elimination of 3 out of the 5 fatty acids from the composition of the fatty cell. The vacuum effect extracts only the fatty fold, as it decreases the blood flow in the treatment zone with purposeful control. Then a gradual process of fats throwing through the lymphatic system begins, as the technology uses the natural body processes without damaging the other tissues and organs.

Our specialist shall do a manual massage to you and a warm compress for relaxation of the treated zone in the end of the procedure. Then you shall discuss the questions, which may have arisen in the meantime. Since the procedure is noninvasive, the client can return to her/his usual activity immediately.

How many sessions shall I need?

It depends on the patient. 1-3 sessions of one and the same zone are carried out every 6 weeks in the most frequent case. 70% destruction of the fatty cells is reached after 3 procedures.

How long shall the procedure last?

The procedure shall last 70 minutes. This is the necessary time, during which the fatty tissue is freezed up to minus 8 degrees. Slight cooling and numbing is possible to be felt in the first 5 minutes of the procedure.

When shall the results be visible?

You can notice a difference still after the first 15 days. The display of the results shall continue up to the third month after the procedures. As a whole the processed zone decreases by 1.3 cm up to 5.3cm ±, depending on your age, metabolism and daily grind.

You can impress people even by one procedure!

  Adipose tissue                                 Before the procedure

Freezed adipose tissue                        During the procedure

   Visible result                                       After the procedure



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