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PRIME LASE HR Excellance

Acquaint with the last generation laser for epilation

Last generation laser epilation for all types of skins and through all seasons

PRIME LASE HR is a diode laser technology, which is characterized by the biggest peak power on the market (3600 W).

With this technology are used very short impulses with high dose energy, ideal for residual hairs. The dynamic or painless regime is the other significant characteristic of PRIME LASE HR. This system allows us to work without any discomfort or pain, which makes the laser epilation completely bearable for all patients, including for men with thick hairs.

Furthermore, PRIME LASE HR uses "crystal freeze" technology for cooling in its applicators, which permanently and automatically regulates the temperature. This makes the elimination of the hairs much safer.

Which are the advantages of the epilation with PRIME LASE HR?

The long-lasting elimination of the hairs is achieved for a short time through a selective elimination of the hairs in anagen phase of the growth. The laser epilation improves the quality of the skin as well. The laser epilation with PRIME LASE HR assists for the elimination of cystic hairs and helps at problems with the follicles, hypertrichosis and hidradenitis.

How many procedures are necessary?

The laser elimination of the undesired hair requires several sessions, since we can eliminate only the hairs, which are in the anagen phase of growth. The number of the sessions depends on the zone, which is treated, the thickness and colour of the hair, the appearance of the skins and the specific necessities of each patient.

Is the epilation with PRIME LASE HR permanent?

PRIME LASE HR eliminates the active follicles (the hairs in the anagen phase of growth) through consecutive sessions. In certain cases there are some factors, which could activate the growth of hairs of follicles, which have been inactive until the moment. Hormonal changes, for example, can be a part of these factors.

Is it painful?

The procedure is painless for most of the patients, although some patients feel discomfort, heat or pricking.  Other patients feel coldness by the cooling nozzle of the device.

How long does the procedure last?

The duration of the procedure depends on the size of the processed zone. The upper lip can take up to 5 minutes, 15 minutes for per an armpit, and for the legs between half an hour and 1 hour.

Pieces of advice for home

The patient must avoid the sunbathing, as well as the usage of tan lotions, or to visit solarium before the procedure. From the moment of procedures’ start avoid the usage of pincers, waxing, electrolysis, home epilator or other types of methods for epilation, which remove the hairs from the root. The usage of a safety-razor before the procedure is allowed and even recommended.

Are there side effects?

The risks are minimum and most of them are convertible. The most frequent reactions include reddening, residual erythema and perifollicular edema.


MYTH 1: Risk of skin cancer

The laser epilation is used on a world scale as an effective method for elimination of the undesired hair more than 20 years and until now there is not a known case of skin cancer as a result of treating by a laser.
Why is it impossible to be caused skin cancer by a laser?
It is considered that the UV rays of the sun are one of the possible causes of skin cancer. The UV rays are in the short spectrum of the light. While the length of the impulse’s wave of the lasers for epilation is in the long spectrum – it varies from 755 nm up to 1064 nm. The skin cancer is caused by nevuses’s malformation. At treating by a laser the nevuses are obligatorily dashed out by a white pencil.

MYTH 2: The laser epilation of the intimate zone with women can harm the ovaries

This is absolutely impossible. The impulse is so little that it penetrates only at around  7 mm up to 1 cm in the hair without affecting the surrounding tissues. It is impossible the impulse to reach any internal organ.

MYTH 3: The laser epilation can deter conception

There are not proofs on a world scale, which indicate, that the laser epilation can cause directly or indirectly sterility, because of the peculiarities of the technology. Since the impulse is exceptionally little, it cannot affect the ovaries, uterus or any other internal organ in any way.


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