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General information VelaShape III
The newest model – VelaShape III

Combine with Cooltech or Ultrashape Power

Having more than 10 years’ experience in the field of the medical aesthetics, scores clinical researches and over 3.5 million procedures, carried out in the world, VelaShape is the most popular  non-invasive procedure in the world for elimination of the cellulite and tightening of the skin.

VelaShape III is patented synergy of 4 technologies:
•    Bipolar radio-frequency (the most powerful, which has been produced ever)
•    IR (infrared light)
•    Pulsating vacuum
•    Massaging rolls
These technologies complexly warm the connective tissue, improve the cellular metabolism, as simultaneously drain, which is significantly important about the healthy appearance of the skin. This makes the procedure exceptionally effective and painless. The effect is proven by numerous clinical researches and by more than 3.5 million carried out procedures all over the world.
Video clip – how does VelaShapeIII work:

Super efficiency:

•    Infrared (IR) of VelaShape III warms the tissues up to 3 mm depth.
•    150 – watt bipolar radio-frequency warms the tissues up to 20 mm depth.
•    The pulsating vacuum contributes about the better delivery of the energy to the tissues, and the mechanical rolls improve the lymph drainage, which adds healthy appearance of the skin.
•    The radio-frequency of the apparatus warms to 42 degrees therapeutical temperature and maintains it permanent for a  perfect result only in 1 minute.
•    VelaShape III is probably the only machine in the world, about which the manufacturers give 100% guaranteed result of minus 1.5 cm of the treated zone after 1 procedure. These are results, which have been achieved at a clinical study among 42 patients.
•    Optimum results after one procedure – minus 2.6 cm.
•    Maximum number of procedures per one zone – 3-4. This makes VelaShape III the apparatus, which gives optimum results after least procedures. Thus the patients spare less of their personal time, achieve much faster the results, desired by them, and you refund quickly your investment.

VelaShape III possesses “CE” for contouring of the body and “FDA” certificate for decreasing of the abdomen’s and thighs’ measurement and temporary decreasing of the cellulite. More than 1 million procedures with VelaShape III are carried out all over the world annually. This proves that the apparatus achieves noticeable, measurable and consecutive results.

•    Complete tightening and improvement of the skin’s structure and texture.
•    It decreases the cellulite.
•    The clinical studies show that is noticed average decrease from 1 up to 3 cm after 1 therapy of the given zone.
•    A recent study shows 97% satisfaction by the procedure.

A new interface:

•    A new, easy for usage and intuitive interface, which allows the adjustment of the working parameters before and after a procedure
•    A multi-touch screen – 10 inch
•    Automatic directions for carrying out of a procedure

A new temperature sensor:

•    A built-in sensor for temperature and RF
•    Giving of permanent RF power
•    It allows more precise and focused procedures for body
•    Permanent and visible results
•    Patients’ comfort and safety

New applicators with different sizes:

•    The radio-frequency makes better contact with the skin and gives precise energy to the tissue
•    3 sizes of lids – big, medium and small
•    2 applicators – for a small and large zone

The design of the  RF electrodes  provides optimum contact of the applicator with the skin and provides maximum conductivity of the energy.
The applicator works with lids for single usage in 3 sizes – for hygienic, optimum treating as of small, as well as of larger zones of the body.

The applicator is used for decreasing of the cellulite in the large zones of the body. It suggests a combination of technologies: bipolar radio-frequency (RF energy), infrared light (IR), vacuum and mechanical rolls.


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