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General terms
of informed consent for carrying out of a laser therapy

The therapeutist has given detail information of the patient regarding the question whether she/he are appropriate candidates for laser epilation, as well as the expected results. The details of the therapy are explained by simple and intelligible terms. The advantages and the possible disadvantages, connected with the therapy, are discussed.
The patient is acquainted with the procedure, as well as with the subsequent cares. The therapeutist has explained the technique, which is used at laser epilation with laser ELYSION. The patient accepts to follow the given instructions.

The therapeutist  has informed the patient about the possible risks and discomfort, about the possible side effects, and namely:

-Temporary hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation
-Bruises, usually quickly passing
-Erythema and slight edema
-Burning 1st or 2nd degree (in exceptionally rare cases)
The patient declares that she/he is acquainted with all contra-indications of the therapy:
-Photosensitive medical procedures
-Pregnancy or breast-feeding
-Diabetes or history for keloids
-Cancer formations
-Recent exposure to sun or planning of forthcoming exposure
-Carrying out of the therapy on skin with very dark tan on static regime, because of increased risk of burning
-Recent exfoliation of the skin (1 week before the therapy)
The patient declares that she/he has to inform the therapeutist about:
-accepting of medicines
-occurred pregnancy

The patient declares that she/he is acquainted and shall follow  strictly the instructions for before, during and after the procedure:

Do not expose the treated zone to sun or solarium at least 3 days before the procedure.
Avoid exposure to sun and solarium at least 3 days after the procedure.
On the day of the procedure wear comfortable clothes, which to cover the zones, which you shall treat.
Avoid the usage of products for fake tan and bleaches of the hairs at least 15 days before the procedure.
Do not put yourself to any type of exfoliation or peeling 1 week before the therapy.
Avoid waxing/epilator at least 30 days for the face and 45-60 days for the body before the therapy. On the day of the therapy do not put creams or deodorizers on the zone.
If the case demands exposing to sun before/after the therapy, obligatorily use UV protection 50+
Do not visit a sauna, swimming pool 48 hours before and after the therapy.
Do not use water higher than 36°, 48 hours before or after the procedure.
Do not train intensively 48 hours before or after the procedure.
The therapy is absolutely forbidden for persons, who are treating acne with medicines Neotigason, Tigason, Roaccutane or similar.
 The therapy is absolutely forbidden for patients, who are exposed to a therapy with CO2 laser or dermabrasion.
 Do not miss to inform your therapeutist about your medical history, especially information, connected with allergies and diseases.

 Inform your therapeutist about other procedures, to which you have put yourself or are forthcoming soon.

In case of appearing of some of the side effects, described above, is recommended a visit to your therapeutist.

The therapeutist shall keep a personal patient’s dossier, in which shall be contained the whole information, regarding the carrying out of the procedure/s. There may be taken photographs before the therapy for evaluation of the result.

The patient declared that she/he has given possibly the most complete and reliable information about their health condition. The patient has right to ask questions and to receive satisfying answers.

The patient gives a permission to the therapeutist to carry out the procedure.


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